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Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Official Telegram X Launched for the Android & iOS - Way far better than Official Telegram

Telegram has Officially Launched His New Beta Telegram X on 2nd Feburary 2018. Telegram X Aimed to give faster speed than the Official Telegram app but off course this can't be that stable like Official Telegram App.

Telegram X has a Option to disable the Chat Bubble Mode. If you ever used Discord then you must be Aware of this. It allows you to see pictures on full width on Chat.


Accord to the Telegram official blog the Telegram X is more battery friendly than the Official Telegram App.

You may dissappoint to hear but for there is not custom theme option in this App. All you have just Night blue & Black theme After this Navy blue theme.

Also if you were unlocking your Telegram App with your fingerprint then you'll not going to get this on Telegram X. Maybe they will Add this later on this and off course this is the very first build for the Telegram Team. 

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