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Friday, 26 January 2018

Finally Stable Oreo Rom Out for Redmi 4X - Santoni Stable Android Oreo

Its has been long time we are using Android Nougat Custom Rom on Redmi 4X and Waiting for the Oreo Build from the Long time as well so now the wait is Over Oreo Roms are Up for the Redmi 4X.

Android Oreo for Santoni

Thanks to The Developers that has made the Rom stable even when we have No kernel source for our Device.

Oreo Roms Available for Redmi 4X

  1. Nitrogen Os Nos is one of my favourite Custom rom from a while. also i am using it right now and its almost stable no bugs at all and good for making a daily driver.

  2. Nitrogen Os Oreo Build

  3. Lineage Os LOS is the legacy contine after sutting down the Cyanogen Os so its Good to say the Brother of Cyanogen Os but Honesly i still like Cyanogen Os for its Inbuilt Theme Engine.

  4. Lineage Os 8.1

  5. Cardinal Aosp If you are the one who need a Official tag along with Custom Rom then Cardinal Aosp is the Official Custom Rom for Redmi 4X. Cannt say anything about customization cause i haven't tried but its also stable enough to use as a Daily Driver.

  6. Cardinal AOSP 8.1

  7. Pixel Experience PE is the Google Pixel Rom. You cann't expect customization here but its give your  phone Unique look that other Oreo Roms Cann't you can almost take feel like a Google Pixel phone.

  8. Pixel Experience 8.1

  9. Aosp Extended AEX is the Stock Aosp Based Custom Rom with some Extended Features and It Become Most Popular Custom Rom in Very Short Time.

  10. Aosp Extended 8.1

  11. Liquid Remix Now time for the People who Still Needs Customizations then Liquid Remix is Full of Customization Like Resurrection Remix Rom. Give it a Try if you need tons of Customization in Your Phone.

  12. Liquid Remix 8.1

Flashing Instruction

  1. Download the Rom from Above.
  2. Flash the Oreo Twrp - Download
  3. Flash Latest Firmware v30
  4. Flash the Rom as well as GApps 8.1
  5. Reboot, & Enjoy !

Final Words

All the Oreo build are Enough Stable and Still using by Many users but still if you face any Issue You can Leave a Comment Below i'll try to Solve it if i Can


  1. I'm using Nitrogen os jan 20 build. I have enabled onscreen navigation buttons. Vibration works only for menu button, back and home buttons(soft keys) doesn't vibrate. Do u have any idea how to enable vibration?
    No option to change vibration settings. Redmi's vibration motor is not upto mark.

    1. Sorry i never used on Screen Nav. But if left one is working then its must be the Rom bug but yes you can try custom kernel maybe it will work