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Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Set-up Greenify Android App to Optimise Battery in Smartphone [No-Root]

Battery Drain Problem in the Android Smartphone is mainly arises the reason of open activity in the background that sip your Android Juice.

Greenify is an Android App that Allows you to make Disable Background Activity of Any Android App in Rooted and Now also in Non-Rooted but the Difference is Non-Rooted users not get the higher privilege.

So, before we move forward Download Greenify from Playstore.

How to Setup Greenify

  1. Open Greenify App in Your Phone.

  2. Greenify
  3. Select the working Mode Rooted, Not Rooted or Not Sure.

  4. Greenify Screen
  5. Grant Superuser permission to the App.

  6. Now in this Screen 'Grant the Permission' to Hibernate the Apps.

  7. Greenify Setup
  8. Now Permit Usage Access.

  9. Greenify App
  10. Now Greenify App is on the Go Add the Apps from the Green Add Button.

  11. Greenify Add Apps
  12. Go to the Settings and Enable this Aggressive Dose Option.

  13. Greenify Aggressive Dose

Final Words

This Greenify Setup can Reduce your unwanted battery draining problem and Also don't use Dr.Battery type Applications they only disable your better Experience to give you some battery Life.

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