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Monday, 11 December 2017

Make New Friends from All Over the World - Bottled App Let You Connect to the Other Countries

If you have a Dream to travel out of the Country or want to Enjoy the World tour then You Can use this Amazing App called Bottled for Android and iOS.

Bottled is a Gaming type Application Developed by a French Developer Honi.

The concept of Bottled App is Very Simple You just Have to Register your Account and then you get some free coins and Bottles.

Coins help you to Purchase goods in the App and Bottle is need to Send message to Anyone. Best thing is you're message will get to any Random Person who was active in the app from last 24hours.

You just have to Type any Formal or Informal Message and Send it.

If some Somebody keep your bottle you will get one coin as a Reward and you can chat the person.

You can Purchase the Following things from the Coins.

  1. Rum: Rum is a Bottle use to send your Messages to anyone in Bottle.

  2. Whistle: Whenever you buy whistle and use it a Captain will come to your sea and ask a Question to You and if you will Answer that Question in some definite seconds you will get 5 Coins as Reward.

  3. Compass: Compass help you to send you're bottle in the fixed country. In short you can send you're message to any country of your choice.

  4. Parrot: This Option is Currently not available it's quite Rare. Well it can send your message to any particular person like your native friends.

  5. Octopus: Octopus can Send your same message to 8 different places.

  6. Telescope: You can't see somebody's profile picture clearly without telescope. It's a one time purchase utility you can use this unlimited times.

  7. Bottled

Final Words

You can Interact with Different country people and learn something new from them.

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