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Sunday, 26 November 2017

What is Google Family Link? and How to use it?

Before one Year in the Same Month google has Launched a Application Called Google Family Link for Android and iOS.

With this App Parents can mannage that what apps their Children can use and they Can Approve or Block usage of Any App for Their Child.

This App Also give the Report that how much Time your child spending time on which specific App and You can Also set the Bed time so that you Kids can't use their phone when it's time for sleep.

Use Google Family Link:

  1. You Need to Create a Google Account of You Child
  2. It is Only for Children 13 or More than 13 Years.
  3. You have to Link his Google Account to Google Family Link.

Final Words:

You can Install Google Family Link App for Google Playstore and it is not Available for some country included India.

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