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Saturday, 18 November 2017

Top 3 Short Horror Film Maker YouTube Channel

We watch movies of different categories. Some person are Horror Movies fans in that movies Crime, Thrill or Ghost Are Featured but if you fed up to see long Horror movies and want to see short movies with the same then you are in Right Place.

We basically watch horror movies for the purpose to see the horror seens but along with that the 2 hours movies have some booring seens that we generally skip. Insted of download the large movies you can see short horror films.

Top 3 Horror Short Film Channel:

  1. Bloody Cuts Films: BC Horror Films is the Best Horror YouTube Channel. The best nominated Award Winning Short Horror Film From this Channel is Don't Move  Here You will Find Series of Short Films that is Released Online at and

  2. CryptTV: CryptTV is another Horror Short Films YouTube Channel but they Release there their Horror Films Every TUESDAY, THURSDAY & FRIDAY. This is the Best thing About this Channel that we see New Horror Short Films thrice of Every Week.

  3. Michael Evans: Now the 3rd and Final is Michael Evans Short Horror & Thrill Film Maker YouTube Channel. Also this is my Favorite one and i genuinely want to put it on number 2nd but this Channel is Not Updated from few months may be they leave this Channel but i have listed this because it has collections of Best Short Films. It take many time to upload new video but time is Worth cause All videos are Awesome.

Final Words:

All the Videos Collections given above are for Horror Films Lover who ever watched this Kind of Horror Films. Please Don't watch these Channels Videos if You are Weak-Hearted Person.

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