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Monday, 27 November 2017

How to Delete a YouTube Channel - Delete YouTube Channel Permanently

If you have a YouTube Channel and You want to delete it for the purpose that it will hide from YouTube for All People or If You want to delete Your YouTube Channel Permanently then you are in the right article.

In this post i will explain you how you can delete you existing YouTube channel for  hidden purpose or Permanently. So, to delete YouTube channel you need to move to your desktop you have any PC then open it or if you are using your mobile phone then open YouTube desktop version in your mobile phone.

Delete YouTube Channel Permanently:

  1. First open YouTube desktop version and Click on this settings icon down below to Creator Studio.

  2. YouTube Account Settings.jpg
  3. Now click on Advance Option in it.
  4. In Advance Option You will get Delete Channel Option.

  5. YouTube Advance Settings.jpg
  6. Now the New Screen will open with 'i want to hide my channel' & 'i want to permanently delete my content'.

  7. delete youtube account permanently.jpg
  8. So, Obviously if You want to delete Your Channel you will expand second option and Mark Everything and then Select Delete Channel.

Final Words:

Permanently Deleted Channel will never come back if you have decided to delete the channel then again think about your channel conten and Number of Subscribers.

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