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Wednesday, 29 November 2017

How to Create a Attractive Thumbnail for your YouTube Videos in Android Smartphone

Youtube Thumbnail is the Very first Impression for your Visitors and if they view bad thumbnail or No custom Thumbnail they doesn't found it more attractive.

By using Custom thumbnails on Your YouTube Videos make people seduces to click on Your Video, it is can be a Little bit Click Baiting. Doing click baiting in less amount is not Bad but when it takes high stage then it may harmful and may your user report to your videos for Click Baiting.

Create Custom Thumbnails:

To Create Custom thumbnails on Your Android Smartphone you need to download a Google App from Google Playstore called Snapseed.

  1. Install Snapseed in Your Android Phone.

  2. Open it and select any image for background purpose.

  3. Open Snapped
  4. Select the Text Option from Tools.

  5. Snapseed Text
  6. Double tab on the Text to Rename it and use your Text insted of Default Text.

  7. Snapseed Background
  8. Finally Select Style for Your Text.

  9. Select Export and Save it.

  10. Save Snapseed Project

Final Words:

Snapseed is more Reliable and Easy to use but it doesn't Provide much text customization but for beginning purpose it is the Best Tool.

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