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Sunday, 15 October 2017

Feel Like Android Nougat in Your Android Marshmallow Phone

According to the survey it has found that Android Nougat is still only running in 17.8℅ smartphone it means still so many android users using Android Marshmallow or its degraded version of Android.

People can use Android Nougat using custom ROM but if you start using nougat then you not even want to see android marshmallow again. Also happened with me but Nougat ROMs still not fully stable and you finally want to go back to Marshmallow but then you don't like its UI and specially its notification bar.

Now what you can do is install the Xposed framework in your Phone and for that your phone must be rooted. If you have not rooted yet then first do that. Then Install Xposed in your phone and reboot it then install this N-fy in your phone and activate it from Xposed framework.

Now the question is what will this N-fy do? N-fy is the Xposed module created by developer to change the android marshmallow status bar, notification bar, header, Recent apps and also added the option for Restart System UI which is Android Nougat features.

Doing this do not update your phone it just tweek your phone features. You may also face some lag from notification bar.

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